Diagon Valley is bringing the magic back

to the star city on October 6, 2018!

The Festival Which must not be named


The Roanoke Harry Potter Festival is happy to announce that we shall henceforth be known as Diagon Valley. We are excited to bring the magic back to the Roanoke area on October 6, 2018!



Festivities & Frivolity

The Roanoke Ministry of Magic is proud to be bringing the magic back to the Star City! We are creating magical moments, mystical experiences and activities to entertain, delight and bring out your inner witch or wizard!


Great Hall Feasts

Step into the Great Hall complete with floating candles, magic mirrors and your favorite characters. Family Style Dinner will be served. Tickets available in Early April.


Attend Classes

No need to wait for a letter from an owl to attend our magical academy! We will have lectures, demonstration, hands-on activities, crafts and exhibits to educate even the youngest wizards. Tickets available in Early April.


Discover Roanoke

Local businesses will be transformed into witch-y restaurants, magical gathering places, and the homes of some of your favorite characters. Find a wand maker, potion master or herbologist for all your magical needs.