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Katrina Hill

Katrina is a teacher at a local private school. She coordinates the partnerships between the festival staff and the local businesses downtown- thus earning her the title of Minister of Magical Cooperation. 

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Lana Whited

As our second Minister of Education, Lana was crucial in bringing our Hogwarts Professors to Roanoke. Lana herself hosted several lectures and panels as a well-known Harry Potter Scholar. (Yep, that's a thing.)

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Josh Eagan

Josh is our Minister of Finance & Muggle Relations. As a local business owner, Josh was able to get Blue Eagle Credit Union on board to make the festival larger and more involved that we could have imagined!

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Tracy Fisher

Following in Fred & George's footsteps is Tracy. She knows everything about everyone as our Minister of Misinformation. She also controls the Social Media House-Elf; so if you have contacted the Ministry through Facebook,  it was most likely her owls that answered you.